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  Child Psychology Marin

Dr. Julie Maccarin, Ph.D., OT/L

About Parent Consultation


Parent consultation is an opportunity for you to talk in depth about your child or children and your family with a caring, knowledgeable professional. Subjects discussed may include your perception of your child's needs, feelings and behaviors, the feelings and needs of other family members, the effectiveness of your parenting methods and styles, parenting in your family of origin and how it may have influenced your style and methods, similarities and differences in parenting style and methods of each parental adult, ability of parents to work together in parenting, how the child responds to each parent, and any major life events or stressors that may be affecting you and/or your child. 

We will discuss how specific problems or concerns are manifesting (i.e., what is the behavior or problem you are seeing), how the problem developed and what you have already tried to do about it. ​Working together, we will develop plans and strategies for you to implement so that your family can live together in peace and happiness.

Every child and every family is unique.
Parent consultation helps you to be ​​​​
the best parent you can be 
​​for your unique child within your unique family.


Child Psychology Marin
Child Psychology Marin
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