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Child Psychology Marin

 Dr Julie Maccarin, Ph.D., OT/L

(415) 785-3700



Child therapy is a process through which a child can express thoughts and feelings, work through issues, and develop skills. Therapy usually leads to better self-esteem, improved relationships, reduction in problem behaviors and decreased anxiety or distress.  


Child therapy is different for every child because the process is based on the individual child and it varies depending on the areas of concern, the child’s age and developmental level, and his or her interests and style. 




•  Anxiety such as worry, fearfulness

•  Anger such as aggression or defiance

•  Depression such as sadness, crying, loss of interest in normal activities             

•  Behavior problems, such as lying, stealing, or being disobedient

•  Temperamental difficulties, such as being overly fussy, easily hurt, excessively irritable,                        inflexible, resistant to change or transitions

•  Dealing with a life stressor, such as divorce, family stress, illness 

•  Problems with eating, sleeping or toileting

•  Dealing with a trauma

•  Learning disorders

•  Attentional disorders

•  Mother/infant bonding difficulties

•  Difficulties with social relationships, such  as poor social skills, being bullied  or bullying,

     having no friends 

•  Unexplained physical complaints 

•  Behavior difficulties related to sensory processing disorder

•  Adjustment disorders

Issues That May Be Addressed

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