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 Child Psychology Marin

Dr. Julie Maccarin, Ph.D., OT/L

(415) 785-3700


Before meeting with your child for the first time, I will meet with you, the parent(s) or guardian(s). The purpose of this meeting is for you to meet me and see my office/play room, and for me to gather information about your child and family and about your concerns. It is also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about my work or about the process of therapy. At this meeting, an appointment time for your child will be scheduled.


Therapy appointments are usually weekly and will continue on the same day and time each week, unless there is an agreed upon change. Once scheduled, your child’s session time is reserved for him or her.  

After meeting with your child several times, I will meet with you again and after that, we will meet regularly, usually every four to six weeks. I see my relationship with parents as collaborative.  I am an expert on children, but you are the expert on your child. Together we will figure out how to best help your child. 

In the case of parents who are separated or divorced, my policy is not to work with children unless I have the consent (and preferably, the cooperation) of both parents, or a legal document that states that you have the sole right to make decisions regarding your child’s health. This is for both ethical and legal reasons. Please discuss this issue with me if you have questions or concerns.  

In the case of inclement weather, I follow the Corte Madera city schools closing policy. If the Corte Madera city schools are closed due to storms or for other weather related reasons, my office will also be closed. 

Child Psychology Marin

Additional information about policies and fees are available in the

FAQ page on this website. 

Child Psychology Marin
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