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Child Psychology Marin

Dr. Julie Maccarin, Ph.D., OT/L

California Psychology License # PSY29191

 California Occupational Therapy License # 16315

Florida Psychology License # PY 11903

IMPORTANT NOTEI have relocated and I am no longer in the state of California so I will not be providing in-person services going forward. I will however, continue to work virtually, so if you would like to work on parenting issues, or if you feel that your child would benefit from working with me virtually, please contact me at:          

Please note: I only use email for scheduling. I do not discuss clinical issues via email so if you would like to discuss your

child with me, or if you would like me to work with your child, please email me to schedule an appointment. 


    Help for children who are struggling with  emotional                or behavioral problems, or facing  life challenges.

    Help for the parents who love them and want to be the

    best parent they can be for their particular child. 

    Help for families who want to live together in

    peace and harmony.

    Help for adults who want to improve their life and find             good ways to handle problems and challenges. 

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Child Psychology Marin
Child Psychology Marin

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